International Centre for Training and Research in the Neurolingusitic Approach and Neuroeducation

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The CiFRAN Mission Statement

Founded to meet the needs of foreign-language teachers and education stakeholders, our centre draws on decades of training experience. Our aim is to build a bridge between academic knowledge and on-the-ground needs for school or university environments as well as for institutions that are involved in adult education for immigrants or professionals.

In line with current work in neuroeducation, our training and research is based on the expertise of our specialist consultatns. We offer training workshops based on cognitive science in general and cognitive neuroscience in particular; we carry out research into foreign- or second-language educational approaches as well as teaching methods and strategies; we provide support to CiFRAN members in their professional development or their job search in establishments prepared to put into practice the innovative, scientifically sound pedagogical methodology we promote.

Our team of expert advisors is also available to audit your language school, analyse your training needs, evaluate your resources as well as your organisational procedures, and to provide support for your educational practices.

The CiFRAN Code of Ethics

All members of CiFRAN commit to adhering to the following code of ethics, based on the fundamental values of humanism, science, and pedagogy. These values are detailed as follows:

All undertakings of CiFRAN and its members, teachers, trainers, and experts aim at contributing to literacy development and to improving relations between human beings by developing linguistic and intercultural competencies, while respecting all cultures and all beliefs. The ultimate goal of language teaching must be to contribute to the wellbeing of humanity.

Following the path opened up by the creators of the NLA, the educational approach adopted by CiFRAN and its members, teachers, trainers, and experts is founded, firstly, on always basing its proposed methodologies on epistemological foundations validated by verified basic research; and, secondly, on implementing a systematic and methodical evaluation procedures and sharing the results of classroom experiments. In particular, CiFRAN members commit to clearly distinguishing practices they adopt from the creators of the NLA and those drawn from other sources or that come from other educational currents, as well as always citing all sources as specifically as possible.

All pedagogical approaches, strategies, and materials proposed by CiFRAN members, teachers, trainers, and experts are intended to improve the efficacy of second- or foreign-language teaching, whether for occasional speakers or immigrants; to help teachers in their work; and to help learners improve their communicative proficiency in order to facilitate their linguistic and cultural integration, in social, academic or professional contexts.

Approche Neurolinguistique et Neuroéducation

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