Clé de l’orthographe des verbes français aux temps usuels


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To mark the 100 000th copy of the CLÉ, a third edition uses the same innovative formula that was acclaimed throughout the Francophonie for over 30 years.

  • a practical method to spell verbs: first, find the verb in the alphabetical list of all the French verbs and refer to the table of endings on the flaps of the first and last page (‹- or -›)
  • then simply add the appropriate ending to the stem of the verb
  • take the rule into consideration for the irregular verbs
  • complies with the Nouvelle orthographe

Author: Clément Beaudoin

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How to use the Clé de l’orthographe des verbes français aux temps usuels

Consulting the Clé is quick: each entry refers the student to one of two tables of endings that provide the spelling of all verbs in all the common tenses. Two flaps fold out from the first and last pages, making them easy to consult and very effective. They present the appropriate endings for all verbs in the Clé.

Consulting the Clé is easy: irregular verb forms are given with the alphabetical entry.

A spread called Mode d’emploi allows to familiarize with the Clé.

A workbook titled Guide pédagogique can be downloaded in PDF format to learn more about the conjugation of French verbs, and the use of the Clé.

Want to be done with complicated rules and endless conjugation charts? Here’s the teaching tool every teacher has been waiting for… that finally reveals how all verbs fall into two categories: the -er, and the others!

« Tous les étudiants qui l’utilisent apprécient sa prise en main facile, sa consultation rapide et pratique. Selon eux, la Clé des verbes est le meilleur outil pour les aider dans leurs travaux de rédaction en classe ».

Justin Houde, enseignant de FLE/FLS au Canada.


Publisher: Myosotis Presse
Author: Clément Beaudoin
Year of publication: 2015
ISBN: 978-2-923393-98-8

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